Tanya Geekie

Story Teller

Hi, my name is Tanya Geekie and I am a member of the Go Gym Senior Management Team.

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and have lived in Bonnie Dundee, Scotland since 1993. I have a wonderful husband Mo and two children, Caitlyn and Riley.

I have worked in the Telecommunications business for the past 23 years, managing Operations and Service Delivery across the UK and abroad in India.

My passion is travelling, with Florida being my favourite destination spot as it contains; my family, Disney and Harry Potter in Universal Studios. We are also avid tourists in Scotland and love to visit the Highlands on weekends.

I hope you enjoy my stories. These are favourites I love to read to my children. You may notice I have a small stammer sometimes. As we are a website of inclusion and support for all, I made a conscience effort not to remove stories showing my stammer, as I have grown to accept it as I am not ashamed of it anymore!

I would love to hear your recommendations for any new stories, if you have any suggestions please get in touch.