About GO Gym

Who we are

We are a social enterprise delivering health, exercise and well-being to our community. We are committed to delivering a better quality of life for all at an affordable cost.

Part of your membership fee goes towards paying for community members accessing part-funded or free membership.

We work for the benefit of everyone: our communities, the public, our staff and partners.

All of our content has been designed for the user in mind. We know that life can be busy and changeable. Our on-demand classes mean our members can access classes at a time and location that suits them. So whether you choose to dress up, dress down or even exercise in your dressing gown – GO Gym is here for you.

GO Gym: a brief history

Hi! I’m Valerie, and I have spent my entire adult life supporting people with chronic illness in order to improve their quality of life through tailored nutrition and exercise as well as lifestyle interventions.

I was 11 years old when my father had his first heart attack, which was so severe it rendered him unfit to return to work. This was really challenging for the family… my mum took on an extra job to help make ends meet and I, at age 11, took on a job selling tablet, mint and macaroon bars around my community to help where I could.

Valerie with her Dad, 1994

My dad had subsequent heart attacks and by the time I was 17 it was well known that he was suffering from depression. One of the many reasons for his depression was that he felt a failure as a dad and a husband as he wasn’t able to provide financially for his family. Sadly, he passed prematurely at the age of 63 due to chronic heart disease.

If my father had had access to appropriate nutrition, mindfulness and specialist exercise, then statistically, it would have reduced the risk of further heart attacks and potentially given him a longer healthier life.

To put that into context, ‘my career has been about breaking down what is often complicated, emotional, and Health and Fitness jargon to help my clients to understand what to eat, how to exercise and also when to rest. My ethos has always been to help my families to not just survive, but to thrive.

GO Gym allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home, while being part of a community that has your health at its heart.

We provide specialist exercise, nutrition and support for a wide range of chronic illness, from cancer to obesity, MS to FM, diabetes and mental health. This is just the beginning as we will be expand our library to support other chronic conditions in future.

At GO Gym we recognise the important of having choices. We provide health and fitness solutions for the whole family hence the importance of our “general public” services.

Whether subscribing to a General Fitness membership or part of the Chronic Illness community, our members can feel proud in knowing that they are supporting a social enterprise business whose social purpose is to give back to the community by making health and fitness inclusive and accessible for all.

Children’s health is also important to us and we look forward to developing GO Junior. We hope to encourage young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Clinical Exercise Science

We will use our platform to provide research and scientific evidence in order to get the best results for our members. For our chronic illness members we will apply the latest methodologies in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation by the use of physical activity.

Fads and Gimmicks

GO Gym will not provide quick fixes, crazy diets etc. These diets are usually provided more with profit in mind than the person’s future health. Constant dieting can have physical and emotional implications and with 98% of diets failing in the first 12 months. GO Gym’s puts the members’ health before profits.

Technology and Innovation

The adoption of technology and investing in innovation are going to be the top priorities for the next five years. We will look to add other chronic illnesses to our service and look to use technology to further improve our members’ health.

Dundee Scotland

GO Gym is based in Dundee Scotland UK. Dundee has made it to the top spot beating nine other Scottish locations listed in the Sunday Times 2019 Best Place to Live Guide. This accolade recognises the quality of the city and its facilities. Dundee is a city of attractive parks and green open spaces, located by the glorious River Tay with a beautiful beach at Broughty Ferry.